Cheapest Way to Straighten Teeth

If you want to straighten your teeth, your orthodontist will suggest you get braces. Also hearing the good reviews and recommendations from your friends and family, you might get convinced to take it. But here is the thing, it won’t come cheap. As a part of orthodontic treatment, the braces can be a hefty option. The average cost for braces is $5,000. It is because the orthodontic treatment is highly personalized treatment. Then you might come with the question: what is Cheapest Way to Straighten Teeth ?

Can you straighten your teeth without braces

Many patients have been asking if they can straighten their teeth without braces. The short answer: YES, you can. But you probably won’t like the long answer. Here are the options you could consider:

1. Retainers

Many people said that Retainers can do wonders. It works but in mild cases. Retainers indeed offer cheap solutions. But it won’t work if your case is more severe.

2. Removable plates

Some folks suggest removable plates because these are cheaper alternatives. But it is not the best alternative that you can rely on. These only provide limited corrections.

3. Mind your sleeping pose

Some health experts suggest you avoid sleeping on your stomach. the regular inward pressure won’t be good for your teeth structure. Sleeping on your stomach is one of the factors. The reason is simple. When you sleep on your stomach, the pressure is on your face. Then it will contribute to the inward pressure on your teeth. Try to sleep on your back or side to prevent it from worsening your teeth.

4. Move them with your tongue

Braces work by putting gentle pressure on your teeth to adjust. It is designed in such a way to move your teeth into the new position. Using your tongue to move your teeth can be a sensible way to straighten your teeth. But this process is excruciating. It is not for the quitters.

5. Mind your foods

HDA – Holistic Dental Association stated that straightening your teeth should be analogized with your overall health. Improper dental hygiene at home, office, or other places can trigger the bad condition of the teeth. It is not only about brushing your teeth properly but also choosing what you want to eat.

6. Braces with a payment plan

Braces can cost you around $3,000 to $10,000 depending on your cases. If you are looking for the cheapest option, you could try clear aligners because most of them are cheaper. You can also ask your orthodontist to accommodate or recommend you with the payment plans.

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