Braces Color Wheel Guide ! Which Color To Pick ?

Many individuals put on braces for months or even years, so you want to choose the desired braces color you will be comfortable with. Red, blue, green, purple and pink are the most common braces colors or you can combine and match to create your own color combo from the Braces Color Wheel

In case you find it very difficult to select the right color for braces from the given below guide, check out on these tips and contact your orthodontist.

What Braces Color Should I Go For?

There are several ways to take a decision on which braces colors are the best for you. Do you want to choose your favorite color? Should They Match Your Clothes? Or maybe you should match the upcoming vacation!

There are several things to put into consideration when selecting the best braces band colors. Some colors make the teeth whiter and while the other once act contrary to this by making teeth become yellow.

Here are some tips for choosing the best cool braces colors:

  • White braces sound like an excellent option, but they can change into an off-white color after drinking and eating some foods. They can also make your teeth look yellow because the enamel of your teeth may not be naturally white as well as bands.
  • Darker colors, for example, dark purple and navy blue, give the teeth a whiter appearance as they neutralize the natural tooth color.
  • However, it appears that dark green and dark brown have food that is jammed in the teeth.
  • Yellow and gold can exude the natural yellowness of the teeth, making them look more yellow than they actually are.
  • Everyone does not have the same color of teeth. For people with yellow teeth, it is better to choose clear or silver bands. For people with natural white color, it is better to opt for black color from the braces color wheel so that the teeth look whitish.

Braces Colors Wheel


Braces Color Ideas

  • Favorite color: the obvious choice is to choose the color that you like! Even if you have more than one favorite color, choose the colors for a more unique smile! from the given above Braces Color Wheel
  • Match your clothes: look at the colors that most often appear in your closet and then choose the color that best suits your style! Elderly patients often select a neutral color that closely matches the color of their enamel, complementing any outfit or occasion
  • Holidays and Events: Patrick’s Day, July 4, Christmas, etc. The fun way to enter the holiday spirit is to have the color of your braces same with the coming holiday. Also consider adjusting the color of your braces for every special occasion, such as weddings and graduations.
  • Your favorite sports team: Show your support to your favorite sports team by displaying your team’s color with your braces.
  • Colors That Suit Your Eyes: The green bands would better complement the brown eyes. Blue, pink and purple fill blue eyes; while purple, red, green, and orange enhance the green eyes.

Braces Colors that make the teeth look whiter

Darker colors, for example black, dark purple and navy blue, make whiter teeth. Other colors that make your teeth look bright are red and light blue.

Sometimes it is useful to go for a neutral color. Silver, gray and bright bands will not make the teeth whiter; they also won’t draw attention to any of the stains in your teeth. As always, it is always good to put an end to coffee, tea, and dark soda to avoid stains on the teeth and potentially changing the color of your bands.

Alternatives to Traditional Metal Braces

In case you do not like the color you choose at the beginning from braces color wheel then do not be fooled. You can change the color of the rubber ribbon each time you have the time to get your braces tightened. If you are not interested in any of these options, contact your orthodontist to see if you are a potential candidate for non-traditional braces, such as ceramic and clear braces or detachable aligners.

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