Do Braces Weaken Teeth

Whether you are about to put the braces, or you already have one, and you might be wondering Do Braces Weaken Teeth? Well then let us get in detail

  • Braces are purposely designed to improve teeth in aesthetics and wellness. But they might weaken your teeth if you don’t follow the proper guidance given by your orthodontist 
  • The braces treatment indeed comes with a commitment requirement. While your dentist or orthodontist can’t help you until and unless you are committed to following the careful measures before undergoing the procedure.

The purpose of the braces itself will be on the right track if the patient follows the doctor’s advice. Braces neutrally do not bring bad effects on your teeth. But the treatment requires the patient’s consent and commitment to follow the adequate procedure. For instance,

  • improper food intake could lead to discomfort. Some patients even suffer from considerable pain.
  • That’s why your dentist suggests you take the soft foods to prevent it from happening.

The misaligned bite can also contribute to the teeth and mouth damage. While braces put pressure on your teeth, these only give you discomfort. But the misaligned or unnecessary bites can do more harm to you. Some folks have problems with their teeth when they are used to grinding and clenching at night. That could wear down your teeth significantly.

Statistics showed that patients who have braces had problems with improper bites. There’s a risk of chips or cracks. And when it is not cared for, the braces treatment could fail in the long run. The braces actually correct the improper bite so that you won’t likely experience the tooth damage. But even with the braces, it won’t absolutely stop anyone from eating solid foods and conduct improper bites. If you have bad habits that compromise your braces treatment, you need to leave it as soon as possible before it damages your teeth.  

When you wear braces, your teeth are constantly moving so slightly because of the brace’s forces. The braces help to push your teeth into the desired position and hold them until the new teeth position is stabilized. Yes, it causes discomfort, but it won’t damage your teeth. But you need to do your homework to minimize the damage and maximize the results during your braces treatment. Follow your doctor’s advice thoroughly and you will be fine.

 Do braces weaken enamel

Enamel’s health is one of the most common concerning parts when patients ask questions to their orthodontists. There’s a chance that you look for the answer. Well, you can get the answer here. So, let’s cut to the chase and see how the braces affect your teeth enamel.

Let’s have a common ground with the fact that braces themselves are not harming your teeth. But to make sure that the braces won’t affect your enamel, you will need to take care of it on your part.

below are a few things which can affect your teeth enamel when you’re wearing the braces:

The food on your teeth

When you take your meals, some of the foods stick to your braces. And when you leave them for a while, these can affect your enamel in a bad way. You might not need to worry about some foods but beware when you take sugar and acid foods. Sugars, when sticking to your teeth, can procure the bacteria which can harm your teeth enamel. These bacteria eat the outer layer of enamel to live. Meanwhile, acid can regress your enamel. So, make sure that you regularly brush your teeth to prevent the foods from sticking to your teeth. You also need to ban some foods to prevent this from happening.

Poor teeth care

One of the keys to successful braces treatment is how you can care for your teeth. As mentioned, braces won’t do any harm to your teeth, but you could if you don’t take care of it seriously. Oral hygiene is an important aspect to comply with. While wearing braces, poor hygiene can harm your teeth. But enamel will be the first to be damaged. You will want to brush your teeth at least twice a day. However, it is also important to brush your teeth whenever you see the sticking foods on your teeth. Brushing every after a meal is ideal care. Make sure you take care of your braces teeth properly so that the damages won’t occur.  

Not attending the dental appointments 

Patients with braces need to conduct routine checks at least once per six months. if you are dealing with the right clinic, your dentist will suggest you make the schedule for routine teeth cleanings and checkups. Cleaning your teeth twice per year is fulfilling enough to maintain the quality of the braces. Make sure you visit your dentist as is one of the keys to protecting your teeth enamel from damaging.

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