How do I claim my Philips Sonicare warranty

Philips Sonicare has been around the market for a while. It is a top-notch product of electric toothbrushes that almost every household in the country owns. Philips’s most sophisticated toothbrush, Sonicare is a great solution for the oral care regime for all users. If you want to maintain the health and appeal of your teeth, you cannot go wrong by considering this as your all-in-one solution. It makes a great option for day-to-day oral care and maintenance. Depending on which models you choose, you will be able to maximally whiten your teeth, remove the plague, as well as restore your gum health. it can help you to conduct such things. It is undeniable that different brands might have similar technology and features as the Sonicare. But when it comes to warranty, no one can outmatch the Philips Sonicare warranty. Warranty is fair to be there because the electric brushes come with the movable electric parts which can be worn ff depending on the intensity and the usages of the users.

Philips Sonicare warranty in a nutshell

  • There are some models of Sonicare you can find on the market. However, the warranty is the same. All of the Philips Sonicare toothbrush warranty spans 2 years. The good thing here is that the warranty for each customer could be different in specific. That’s why the experts call this a customer-oriented Philips Sonicare toothbrush warranty. The warranty works globally. So, no matter where you are, you can make use of this feature.
  • The 2 years warranty covers the handle and charger of the unit. Within these windows times, you will attain free replacement without spending a single dime. That also includes if the handle or charger is defective or at fault.
  • The moment you open the box, you will know if the Sonicare works or not. If the unit you use does not switch on, the manufacturer has got you covered with the formal Philips Sonicare toothbrush warranty.
  • Keep in mind that the warranty also works for the defective or faulty battery as well, which is not likely to happen. From the moment Sonicare models launched, we seldom see that the original battery has a significant problem. The warranty is active from the moment you purchase the toothbrush. So, the receipt or bill will be solid proof. You will get an additional six months of warranty if you register your brush at the official site of the Philips brand.

How To Extend your warranty by six months – The easy steps

If two years is not enough for you to reap the benefits of the Philips Sonicare toothbrush warranty, you are eligible to ask for six months more warranty, Yes you can get additional 6 months warranty just by registering your Sonicare toothbrush. Below are the steps to extend your warranty by six months.

Philips Sonicare warranty registration

First things first, you have to visit My Philips official site. Then you could log in with your registered ID and password if you already have the user credentials.

For new registrants, you could create a new account using your active email address, or simply register using your social media accounts such as Facebook or Google’s Gmail.

 philips sonicare toothbrush warranty

Login with your new account and see the registration page.

Find the “Register product” and click it.

 philips sonicare warranty

Take your time to search the brush model that you have. You could sort it out with the model number or HX number which you can easily find at the bottom of the brush handle.

sonicare warranty

You will need to fill the relevant information such as the purchase notes, date of purchase, as well as other information in the fields.

Then proceed by clicking the register button. That’s it!

Philips will send you a confirmation to your E-mail.

What Philips Sonicare Warranty covers

Just like the other warranties, there are also boundaries. The manufacturers will replace the brush for you for free if there are circumstances that are relevant to the categories of coverage. They will give you a free replacement if:

  • There are defects in the product
  • The brush speed is not normal
  • The battery is not holding charge
  • The battery is not charging
  • The brush suddenly stops when you switch the brush on
  • The battery is not lasting as stated by the manufacturer
  • The brush is broken when you unbox the package

The circumstances above are examples. There are hundreds of different scenarios that may or may not apply to the warranties. You can reach out to the customer support of Philips Sonicare’s warranty in order to get the most accurate information.

What Philips Sonicare Warranty Not covers

Keep in mind that there are some conditions which are not falling into the warranty categories. There are some things that are not covered such as:

  • cosmetic damages (scratches, chipping, etc),
  • Brush head.
  • wear and tear.
  • If you accidentally drop your brush in fire or water
  • Tampering.
  • The warranty will not be eligible if your device was once repaired by the unlicensed and unauthorized person. Only authorized agents who have access to the repairs and maintenance can fix your brush.

Philips Sonicare App for registration

If you are not up to open your PC or laptop, you could register through the Sonicare app. This app is available for Android and iOS. So, just go to the Play Store or the App Store to download and install the app first before proceeding.

Open the app and start the registration process through your mobile device.

Tap Menu icon – Support – Product Registration

The app will prompt you to conduct the registration process. Keep following the process. It is almost similar with the thing you do in the official website. So, you won’t need to worry.

How to avail warranty service in your country?

No matter where you are, as long as you grant the Philips Sonicare toothbrush warranty, you will be able to avail it without any hassle and fuss. All you need to do is to reach out to the Phillips customer care service through their official number. The operator will guide you through the process. If you are not up to go for miles outside your house, you could call the Sonicare Service in your country. Explain the faults over the phone then they will give you the details. Make sure to bring your purchase receipts, the original brush, as well as its box just in case you need it.

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