How much are ceramic braces cost

Ceramic braces cost more today than a year ago although technology has progressed tremendously for material costs to be lowered. Many factors are at play to impact the price for adults as well as for kids.

As great-looking smiles with well-aligned teeth are desired by many today, it is not surprising for the young and old to desire and other dental treatments although the dental prices may be a major deterrent.

Variety of Dental Options

Braces Type Cost without insurance (Approximate)    Cost with Insurance (Approximate) Visibility
Ceramic $3,500 - $10,000 $1,550-$5,080 Less Visible
Metal $3,000 - $7,000 $1,500 -$8,500 Highly Visible
lingual $8,000 - $13,000 ---- Invisible from outside
Clear Aligners $1895  ---- Almost invisible

Individuals with misaligned teeth have a variety of dental solutions at their disposal if the cost is not an issue. The high price makes it a daunting task for many to have their teeth straightened as the average price for kids or adults could cost a few thousand dollars.

There would be multiple visits to the dentist for adjustments and alignments of the metal wires with checkups and medications which add up to a hefty cost. Eating becomes a challenge with much abstinence from favorite foods. Such intense endurance kept many away from orthodontic treatments for a long time. Traditional braces were unsightly besides being expensive and inconvenient.

However, progressive technologies brought on better types such as ceramic and composite translucent materials which could be colored to natural tooth color or even the patient’s favorite color. As society becomes more affluent in lifestyle and development, high cost is now deemed affordable if not necessary. Wearing them today seems to be making a fashion statement as well with the preferred color by the patient.

Colorless or off-white shades prove to be very popular for the nearly invisible effect which makes ceramic braces cost worthwhile. The patient grows in self-confidence if not egoistic with a fashionable trend.

How much are ceramic braces

They could be priced from $4,000 to $10,000 for the advanced technology used in their production. Such technological advances have produced braces to be sleeker and more comfortable in wearing. lingual braces cost a bit more.

        Price (Approximate)   Cost with Insurance       Visibility
   $3,500 – 10,000    $1,550 – $5,080       Less Visible

They cost more than traditional ones. The price bracket ranges from $500 more. The price depends on the type and size required for different patients. The brackets come with a colorless archwire and elastic bands to conceal the presence. Modern consumers today prefer dental products which are more comfortable looking besides enjoying greater comfort during wear. The ceramic material used in them proves to be strong and efficient in its design and task of correcting teeth alignments.

ceramic braces

Modern consumers are willing to pay the price for attractive and functional braces that are hardly obvious while straightening your teeth. The smooth product does not irritate the gums or inner cheek lining to enjoy more comfort during its wear. There is no social stigma today with wearing them.

Orthodontic and Payment Options

A good orthodontist is preferred when it comes to installing clear ceramic braces. Qualified and experienced orthodontists provide relevant information on braces and payments that would help patients decide on what is best and affordable for themselves or children.

Friendly orthodontists are crucial in helping the patient feel at ease and assured of the outcome which may take a couple of years depending on the severity of the dental case.

Many understanding orthodontists practice a flexible payment scheme to help out patients who could not pay the full price. Progressive payments help ease the financial difficulties of patients.

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