Quip Toothbrush Review

If you are looking for the best electric affordable toothbrush in the market, you can’t go wrong with the Quip Electric Toothbrush. Quip toothbrush makes an excellent choice for those who want simplicity in their dental habits. We hope you will find this Quip Toothbrush Review helpful in buying this toothbrush.

It is affordable, simple to use, and sleek in design. And if these are not enough for you, you will also get the brand new and high-quality toothbrush head replacement every three months. With the whole package, Quip will be the best buddy for your dental habits.

Quip Toothbrush


2 Minute Timer

Tounge Cleaner

Lightweight and durable


Versatile travel covermounts

Strong and fast motor

The long-lasting AAA battery

No Pressure Sensor

No Warranty

Only One Cleaning Mode

Inefficient Bristle Movements

The subscription might not be in harmony with your schedule

Why Quip Toothbrush

You may wonder why you should use Quip Electric Toothbrush. Often, people don’t usually use the proper technique to get the quality of teeth brushing activity. Although they use the appropriate method to brush their teeth, the same quality of manual toothbrush may struggle. The Quip electric brush can get rid of the bothers for you. Brushing with Quip toothbrush will ensure you get maximal results from your tool.

The subscription service of the Quip will help you in following up your dental routine. You won’t have to worry to mark your calendar or set the alarm to go to the store to purchase a new replacement. The company will send you the toothbrush head without any hassle. And the delivery will be made every three months.

Lightweight and durable

If you are like many other people, you probably wonder if there is a toothbrush which you can use consistently and adequately. As we know, the best thing that happens to your dental needs is when you use the right toothbrush with the proper technique. Quip electric toothbrush can help you with that.

We realize that top reliable companies are transparent and honest. They always recommend their customers to replace their toothbrush every three months. But that’s it. Quip, on the other side, does us a few extra miles. Rather than only advising us, they also supply us with the quality replacement, as well as the toothpaste.

Strong and fast motor

The sonic vibration motor works amazingly with 15,000 brush strokes per minute. The motor pulses every 30 seconds. Then the tool will stop at 2 minutes to tell you that it is about the time. After all, folks use the toothbrush under 2 minutes. It is an ideal time, though

The motor runs with the Rechargeable or Replaceable AAA battery. The company claims that the battery could last around three months. You could also apply to the subscription to get a fresh one every three months. But hold that thought because many users claimed that the AAA surprisingly lasted longer than three months.

The long-lasting AAA battery

The last but not least highlight that we’d like to point out is its travel cover mounts. It comes with the firm pressure to put your toothbrush in the safest spot. You can attach and detach to any surface like mirror, glass, or tiling. You can bring this buddy anywhere you want.

QUIP Subscription

It is so motivating to know that you will receive a new package three months later. By then, you don’t have to go outside your house and drive for miles to get the new toothbrush. Instead, you will get your fresh tube of toothpaste, new replacement head along with the friendly manual in your doorstep. Did we mention that you will also get the toothpaste too?


So this was the Quip Toothbrush Review, we hope you got enough information about this electric toothbrush. End of the day it’s your personal priorities which matter whether to buy this product or not, if you are still not satisfied with this electric toothbrush and want some more additional features then you can check out our in detail comparison between two well-known electric toothbrushes in the market.

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