What is the best color for braces

What are the colors for braces

  • Colors for braces are the small elastic bands that are basically attached to the brackets of the metal braces so that you can choose your desired color to add on the braces. these type of braces are noting but metal braces with colored bands attached.
  • Many individuals put on braces for months or even years depending upon the severity of their case, So you want to choose the desired color bands to look best on braces during the time period of your treatment. Red, blue, green, purple and pink are the most common braces colors or you can combine and match to create your own color combo by choosing your favorite colors.
  • If in case you find it very difficult to select the right color for your braces then check out the tips or braces colors ideas listed below and contact your orthodontist.

How to choose braces colors

There are several ways to make a decision on which braces color bands are best for you. But make sure to avoid certain colors like for example white color which will make your teeth look yellow and it picks up the stains pretty quickly especially if your drink colored drinks and coffee. some of the color ideas that you might consider are below 

  1. Obviously go with the color which you like the most in the first place 
  2. If you have a lot of similar color clothes then you can go with that particular color so that whenever you wear those color clothes will match your braces.
  3. If in case you have little bit yellow-colored teeth then try to go with dark color bands.
  4. Try to choose the colors which will help compliment your skin tone.


Braces Colors Wheel


Braces colors for girl

It’s a widespread fact that many girls like the pink color “but some girls might not agree”. Anyways the most attractive color options for girls are 

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Light blue

Braces colors for guys

Most popular braces colors among guys are 

  • Blue
  • Silver 
  • Gold
  • Orange
  • Neon Bands

What color braces make your teeth whiter

  • Darker colors, for example, dark purple and navy blue, make teeth look whiter. Also, some colors like red and light blue will also make your teeth look white
  • Try to consider a neutral color like Silver, gray and bright bands will make the teeth look whiter and these color bands don’t get the stains on your teeth quickly. But it is good to put an end to coffee, tea, and dark soda to avoid stains on the teeth and potentially changing the color of your bands.
What colors should you not get for braces

There are some colors that can make your teeth look unattractive, so you should avoid those color bands for your braces. 

  • White color bands: These color bands make your teeth look yellow because some might not have a pure whitish color tooth naturally.
  • Clear Color Bands: These color bands look like some food particles stuck on your teeth from yesterday night dinner.
  • Light color bands: These color bands make your teeth look yellow and unattractive.
Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I change my braces color

There is no limitation when it comes to changing or swapping the colors of your braces. you can change the color bands whenever you like. If you want to swap the colors just visit your orthodontist he will do it for you. There might be an appointment fee during your visit but it totally differs from one orthodontist to others because some might charge a fee and some not.

How much does it cost to get colored braces

colored braces are noting but the metal braces with color bands on them so they will cost you in between $3000-$7000 (approximate cost)

Can you change the color of your braces

Yes, you can change the color of braces whenever you want.

How many colors can you choose for braces

There is no limitation for this you can even choose a single color for individual tooth or you can go with RAINBOW colors it’s up to your liking. 

Do all orthodontists have colored braces

Colored braces are nothing but the colored bands that will be attached on the metal braces, some orthodontists have them but some might get them depending upon the client’s request.

Braces colors are something which not a lot of people prefer but they are getting popular. colored braces are funky options to spice up your teeth alignment treatment. well choosing the right color that suits you is a tricky task in the first attempt but don’t worry you can easily swap the colors anytime you want by your orthodontist.

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