When do you get power chains on braces

If you are considering your teeth health and aesthetics, you will find out many orthodontic options offered out there. Amongst them, you will come across the teeth braces. Then the power chains might show up in the recommended list.

It depends on whether your teeth require additional force to close those final gaps of misaligned teeth or crooked teeth, or any other conditions will be possible to be treated with the power chains. There is no “exact” time period when do you get power chains on braces. But when your orthodontist recommends it, you will likely wear the power chains. Discuss your treatment options with an orthodontist now.

What is the power chain for braces

While you might be familiar with the teeth braces, power chains could be possibly new for you. Power chains are several ligatures that are linked together. These are supposedly placed on your tooth to create a continuous band. Designed with the elastic material, these are basically a replacement for ligatures.

But in most cases, the prominent orthodontist will suggest applying both ligatures and power chains to your teeth. It will also depend on the type of teeth and mouth. Each patient has a different treatment plan. So, you may or may not need to have the power chains to your teeth.

Do power chains close gaps

Power chains can close the gap between your teeth by forcing the teeth to move towards each other. Its extra force is set on the design of the power chains. Therefore, it is important to measure the sizable power chains for this procedure. Your orthodontist might even recommend you to apply the power chains although your teeth have closed. Its purpose is to make sure that the gap stays closed while you undergo the specific treatments.

What do power chains do to your teeth

power chains are important for supporting the orthodontic adjustment. Therefore, it is sensible that these are available in various colors. Since it uses the extra force to close the gap between your teeth, you will probably experience minor pain and discomfort in your first application. Since these are helping to close gaps and spaces, these will need to be administered by the certified practitioners. Don’t let self-proclaimed folks do it for you.

The power chains are usually used for treating certain teeth conditions such as extremely crooked teeth with gaps, misalignments, malocclusions, and so on.

What is the power chain for braces

How long do power chains take to work

How long you will be wearing the power chains will depend on person to person because for some people the results are quick and take less time to close those final gaps but for some, it might take more than 6 months but it totally depends upon your dental treatment and your orthodontist’s recommendations will let you know how long you should be wearing these in a certain period of time. Your orthodontist will basically measure the width of your gaps at each appointment.

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